African Rally | From September to October

At the end of the First World War, Pierre-Georges LATECOERE thought about an airmail service with the aim of connecting Europe to the continents of Africa and South America.

This project was submitted to the Assistant Secretary of State for Aeronautics, September 7, 1918.

December 25, 1918 with Cornemont as pilot, he flew over the Pyrenees from Toulouse to Barcelona.

March 9, 1919, with pilot Lemaître he joined Rabat from Toulouse with stopovers in Barcelona, Alicante and Malaga. He brought to Marshal Lyautey, waiting for him on the airfield, the newspaper “Le Temps” from the previous day in Toulouse and a bunch of fresh violets to the Marschallin.

The Line gathered so much success that a King, two French ministers and a Marshal used it. Heroic men were its pilots: Daurat as manager, ReineMermozSaint-Exupéry, Guillaumet and so many others … some of whom paid with their lives the regularity of the mail. Further 2,800 kilometers separating Casablanca to Dakar were then crossed through the desert, the Rio de Oro. This part was all the more difficult because of the unruly tribes that would capture pilots and seize airmail packages and letters in case of failure. Latécoère Line was flown to Dakar from May 5, 1923, and regular mail service between Toulouse and Dakar started on May the 31st, 1925.


The LATECOERE Rally aims to keep alive the memory of the LATECOERE Airmail Service and its pilots through visiting the AEROPOSTALE airfields.
On this African part, crews will savour the remains of the Line. All along the Line from Toulouse to Dakar, meetings are planned in order to preserve this common cultural inheritance.

Once your participation is confirmed, you will receive:

  • A flight book containing information about logistics, administration and health;
  • One month before the start of the Rally, logbooks and flight information;
  • LATECOERE Rally T-shirt, fleece and cap.
Team spirit is the key to a successful rally and to our aim to register the LATECOERE and AEROPOSTALE Lines with the World Heritage organization. As so, every crew member may have tasks to perform.

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